Motorcycle Lane Positioning

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By Kevin Crockett

When riding a motorcycle it’s important to choose a part of the lane to ride in. Most traffic lanes are 12 ft wide. So as motorcyclists we should divide the lane into three four-foot sections. Lets take a lane and look at what a right, middle, and left lane position offers.

Left of the lane- In general the left third of the lane is the best position for a motorcyclist. The left third gives the rider the best view. You can see what’s happening in your lane and you can also see opposing traffic .The left side of the lane also keeps you away from oil and other potentially hazardous fluids and will make you most visible to other motorists. The left third also offers numerous escape routes because there is paved road on each side of you.

Middle of the lane- The middle of the lane provides adequate visibility but not as well as the left. The middle of the lane does present a hazard because that’s where oil and fluids that leak out of cars accumulate For this reason you should stay out of the middle but if you ride in the middle stay on the left side of the middle.

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Right of lane- The right side of the lane provides protection from fluids on the road but it does not provide adequate visibility of on coming traffic and it puts you in a position where you might not be seen.

These lane positions are not hard and fast rules. If you need to move to the right to get a better view of a potential hazard in the road then do it. Or if a large vehicle, such as an 18-wheeler is coming opposite you, avoid the wind gust that it brings by moving right.

A word about fluids on roads. Most fluids will accumulate on a road in areas where traffic stops. Intersections and toll booths come to mind. When approaching these areas be cautious. When stopping make sure you place your foot down in an area that is fluid free. When you drive away take it easy. Your boots might have a layer of oil or other type of fluid on them and might slip when trying to find the pegs. Also your wheels might be coated with a thin layer of oil. Accelerate slowly and allow the tire to fling the oil off.

Lane positioning is an important part of motorcycle safety. Maintain situational awareness and remember that your brain is the most important piece of safety gear you have.

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Snow hits southern parts of Norway

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Friday, February 23, 2007

This article features in a News Brief from Audio Wikinews:

A major snowfall has disrupted transport in Norway this week. Several roads and all railway services have been reported as closed due to the heavy snowfall, and meteorologists have recommended that people try to stay at home if possible. Snow storms are also causing problems in other parts of Southern Scandinavia, such as Denmark and Southern Sweden.

In Norway, the E-18, the highway from Kristiansand and eastwards have been closed after several accidents, which according to the local police primarily was the result of truck drivers not having prepared for the heavy snow and getting stuck.

Several cars got stuck as a result of this, with some motorists being stuck from 3.30 pm Wednesday until Thursday morning. The local Red Cross cooperated with the police in getting food and gasoline out to the stuck drivers, and also evacuated a bus full of senior citizens who had been out on an excursion.

Regional bus and rail services have been canceled for most of Wednesday and Thursday from Kristiansand and eastwards, and in Kristiansand and nearby areas in the southern regions of Norway the heavy snowfall also made local traffic slow with major disruptions and delays.

According to the regional newspaper Fædrelandsvennen, it is expected that there will be about 100 cm more snowfall on Friday alone, with Wednesday and Thursday having resulted in 50 cm so far.

Toyota quits Formula One

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Akio Toyoda, the President and Representative Director of Toyota, made a statement on Wednesday that the company is leaving the Formula One championship before the 2010 season. The primary factor behind this decision was said to be the current economic environment in the midterm perspective.

Panasonic Toyota Racing did not manage to ever win a Formula One race, winning only 13 podium and 278.5 points since 2002. Toyota will still be present in a number of racing series, including Formula Nippon, Formula Three, Super GT and NASCAR.

Another major Japanese automotive giant, Honda, quit Formula One prior to this season and sold the team to Ross Brawn. The renewed team Brawn GP with Mercedes-Benz engined cars won the 2009 Constructors’ Championship recently.

Other Japanese companies Subaru and Suzuki withdrew from the World Rally Championship prior to this season and Kawasaki pulled out of MotoGP.

The space cleared by Toyota may be now used by the BMW Sauber team’s possible successor if BMW can reach an agreement to sell the team after their decision to quit Formula One earlier this year. Toyota drivers of this season Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock, as well as the Japanese rookie driver Kamui Kobayashi, could now look for seats in other teams for 2010 including the new entries US F1, Campos, Manor or Lotus.

Tips On How To Search Used Cars For Sale}

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Tips on How to Search Used Cars for Sale


Jessica Lee

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When you have decided to purchase an used car you always come up with a question in your mind about how to find used cars for sale near your location. It is natural to get this question come across your mind when you are planning to buy used cars to meet your transportation needs without spending over your budget. In fact to purchase a used car for sale you should always look for local sellers rather than going very far to make the deal. But it is not easy to find used cars for sale in your location as it seems. It is not easy to tell when a private seller lists out their used car for sale or a local bank is going to auction off used cars. So let me give you some tips on how to find used cars for sale in your locality easily.

Now to search for second hand cars for sale the best place to look out for is local newspaper. Searching ads in local newspaper should be the first option to as it contains all sorts of announcements or advertisement regarding used car sales and auctions. This will be a great start for your search as ads or announcements in local newspaper would have all the information regarding time and place of the sale or auction of used cars. You can also have the list of sellers or auctioneers with contact info, so you can even call them to ask about the kind of used cars they are selling or auctioning there. Frankly speaking this would be the first step I would take to look out for used cars for sale in my area.

Secondly you can try inquiring at your local bank by asking if they have repossessed cars and wish to auction or sell them. These cars are used cars which are possessed by banks or various lending companies to recover their money from the person who failed to repay. If a person is not able to repay his or her loan amount to the bank or lending company in the given time frame, then the bank or lending institutes has right to confiscate his or her property which may include their vehicles too depending on the amount of loan. These repossessed cars are sold at significantly low prices as the lending companies need to profit from it as soon as possible. Hence, it is the best option to try for finding cheap used cars for sale in your locality.

Last and the easiest and wisest option are to search for used cars for sale online. Actually this option is lot easier compared to the other 2 mentioned above as you can buy used cars for sale from your home using your computer or laptop. Internet can be a great source when it comes to find used cars for sale within your location. You can find many used cars listing websites online where you can search for used cars by models or make as well as location. So stop thinking and start searching used cars for sale listings online to get your next dream car.

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Toyota recalls 1.7m cars after new concerns

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Car manufacturer Toyota is to recall almost 1.7 million cars in two simultaneous recalls, that include the Toyota Avensis and Lexus IS 250, after concerns over fuel systems, which, if combined, amount to the biggest Toyota recall for six years.

Japan’s transport ministry stated it was possible for slight cracks to appear in fuel pipes in Avensis models, which may widen if the cars continue to be used. In the United Kingdom, Toyota GB are offering free repairs, which are expected to take around four and a half hours each. The Lexus IS 250 is involved in a separate recall, with around 280 thousand models outside of Japan being recalled over a faulty fuel pressure sensor, which can possibly come loose, causing a fuel leak.

The Managing Director of Toyota GB stated “We are committed to putting the customer first and have a total focus on the quality of all our products. We will liaise with our customers to carry out the repair procedures as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption”.

Toyota has recalled over 16 million cars globally since late 2009.

Virginians melee at used Apple iBook sale

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

“Total chaos” is how many described the melee that resulted from a sale of used Apple iBook laptop computers at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR) by the Henrico County, Virginia school system.

Officials estimated nearly 5,000 people thronged the sale for the $50, four-year-old computers. Among them were 17 injured, four requiring hospitalization – one for a leg injury, and three for heat-related illness, said Henrico County Police. Reports of trampling in the stampede were not uncommon, and one driver reportedly tried to drive through the throng of prospective buyers.

Alice Jemerson, an elderly customer said, “They bum rushed the gates and I was knocked over, fighting for my life. All these people were on top of me.”

Shortly after 7am EST officials opened the gates and many residents ran hysterically toward the building where the sale was to occur at 9am.

At a post sale press conference, Henrico County Police spokesman Lieutenant Doug Perry told reporters, “A few bad apples found their way inside. It looked worse than it was.”

Apple iBooks are the preferred computer for Henrico County schools, and Director of General Services of Henrico County Paul Proto, said changes were made to the event after tremendous interest was generated, some as far away as Europe and California. Officials closed and moved the sale from the Henrico county school warehouse to the RIR, after residents complained that their tax dollars were used to buy the computers, and they ought to have first right to repurchase them. The Henrico County Board of Supervisors voted to amend the County Code so that only residents could purchase the laptop computers.

Although officials had prohibited camping out and overnight parking, some in attendance reported that people began arriving at midnight.

Henrico Police Chief H.W. Stanley, Jr. said five patrol officers were originally planned for the event, a customary presence for an event the size authorities had estimated. But by 6 am, an enormous crowd was assembled at the front gate.

Officials present before opening told the crowd that automobiles would be allowed to enter first, which prompted many to run to their cars. But while some were running back to their cars, others rushed the gate. The resulting confusion created much anger, and guards closed the gates shortly thereafter.

Long lines encircling the sale building were commonplace, and one observer noted, “They’re going to see themselves on the news tonight, and see what fools they are.”

Some citizens, however, considered their wait worthwhile. Hairstylist and mother of two Sheress Blunt was one of the first hundred to buy one of the iBooks; she came with her mother and said they sneaked into the raceway through a side gate.

Tonya Vaughan arrived at 5:30 a.m., also bought one of the first iBooks and said three people offered to buy it from her for as much as $200. She declined however, saying, “I told them no way! I had worked too hard for it.”

Lt. Perry said many officers were complimented on the way they handled the crowd, adding that police were seen letting children who had been pushed aside, into the building.

Mr. Proto said, “There are no plans right now to have another iBook sale.”

Henrico County Battalion Police Chief Steve Wood said no arrests were made and the iBooks were sold out by 1pm EST.

Insight Into Planning A Heos Music System}

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Submitted by: Ellen Parker

Its plain to see- the audio home entertainment field has changed. Its now possible to get high tech connectivity with your home audio players, by way of a multi room audio system that conveniently streams your favorite online music services, or the music youve acquired in your own mobile or pc collections. There are considerations to be had when it comes to all purchases however, and multi room audio products are certainly no exception.

Denons one hundred years of innovation and exemplary sound quality have lead you to the amazing HEOS line of multi room speakers. There are still three models to choose from however, so, to help you choose, consider the following questions and then use our buyer guideline below to help make your selection.

-What will you be using your speakers for?

-What type of area must the sound cover, and what size speakers do you have room for?

Choose which description most closely resembles you and your living space; then match your selected letter with the corresponding HEOS model below!

A. I enjoy the occasional party as much as everyone, but theyre definitely not happening at my house. My music system serenades me while Im cooking or taking a shower perhaps, but its rarely used for entertaining large groups of people. My kitchen and bathroom, where I listen to music the most, are both small and cozy.

B. I like organizing get-togethers in my home, where people tend to congregate and socialize throughout my living room and dining room. Often times they end up near the kitchen as well, because my living space isnt small but its not very large either. I can fit a group of my close friends and family- but my rooms arent overly spacious.

C. Everyone knows that Im the life of the party, and I throw a mean one too! On weekends, you can find all my family and friends congregating in my large backyard or lofty living space. The more the merrier- my living space accommodates plenty of people and even more dancing!

Your Ideal HEOS Model:

A. Youll probably benefit most from the HEOS 3! A compact and equally stylish multi room speaker that wont take up a ton of room but be portable and perfect for soothing showers and dancing while you cook! A dual custom full-range driver powered by a two-channel class D amplifier ensures that there will be no shortage of muscle in this discrete powerhouse!

B. Ready for a friendly get-together at any time, the HEOS 5 is a terrific audio system that easily fills any mid-sized room(s) of your choice with all of your favorite music! The slightly larger design, along with custom designed tweeters, mid-woofers and a passive radiator easily accommodates mid-sized rooms.

C. Ready to party? The aggressively built HEOS 7 commands two custom tweeters and two mid-woofers. It also features a large subwoofer, two passive radiators and five dedicated Class D amplifiers. Simply put, a lot of top-notch stereo equipment has gone into this top-of-the-line multi room speaker. It will easily fill the largest of rooms with luxurious, high quality sound, making it any audiophile, party thrower or partygoers dream!

As with most technology, it pays to do a bit of research before you commit to a purchase. Choosing the right size, style and specs can be a money saving endeavor. With HEOS however, you dont have to worry because despite your selection, you simply cant go wrong!

About the Author: Ellen Parker is a well respected Freelance Writer, Editor and Researcher based out of Seattle Washington. She specializes in technology-based subjects like digital trends and multi room audio application. To know more about the HEOS music system you can visit


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Researcher claims unmarked grave contains 1950 Lake Michigan plane crash victims

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A researcher from Holland, Michigan claims to have found an unmarked grave containing human remains from Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501. The airliner vanished over Lake Michigan in 1950 with 55 passengers and three crew.

Valerie van Heest says she has discovered that human remains washed ashore after the June 23 crash, the cause of which remains undetermined although severe weather at the time may have had an impact. She says that after the remains appeared they were placed in a mass grave in nearby Riverview Cemetery in St. Joseph without the relatives being notified. The grave was never marked.

Both the Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates, who document shipwrecks in the area, and author Clive Cussler have spent years searching for the McDonnell-Douglas DC4 but without success.

Van Heest Said of the victims’ relatives “After more than a half-century they are still interested in learning what befell their loved ones… One 89-year-old woman in New York lost her mother in the crash. She told me, ’Valerie, please help find her before I die.’ ”

A black granite monument engraved with the names of everyone on board has been donated by a funeral home in South Haven. It will be unveiled at a ceremony on September 20. The families of 47 of the 58 victims have been notified of the new developments.

The Different Types Of Long Term Care Facilities}

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The Different Types of Long Term Care Facilities


Diana Ross

Long term care is comprised of a wide range of care services which are not only provided at home but in different settings as well. For those who cannot stay at home, the level of care they require may be given in a variety of residential care settings, such as assisted living, board and care homes, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs).

Care is not only given on these types of settings, it is also available in facility-based service providers such as the following:

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is designed for people who want to live in the community and who need or expect to need assistance for daily activities, but do not require the same care as if they were in a nursing home. In terms of costs, it varies greatly in part to the necessary facilities and services by a resident of that institution.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

CCRCs are also called life care communities. This type of settings offers various levels of care in one location. It may offer independent housing for people who need little or no care and if a person becomes unable to live independently, he can arrange moving to an assisted living area, or sometimes receive home care in an independent living unit.

Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care may be granted to individuals or small groups of adults who need help functioning, or who cannot live safely on their own. The host family provides room and board, 24-hours availability, help administer medications and assist in their daily activities. Certification requirements and the terminology used for this type of facility vary widely from state to state.

Board and Care Homes

Board and care homes are more popularly known as residential care facilities or group homes. They are smaller private facilities capable of holding usually 20 or fewer residents. In this setting, rooms can be private or residents can share their rooms. Residents receive meals, personal care and have staff available 24 hours a day. However, nursing and medical attention is not usually offered to the premises.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities (SNF) or convalescent care facilities offer a wide range of services, such as nurses, 24 hours monitoring of assistance activities of daily living, and rehabilitation services including physical, disease occupational and speech therapy. Others opt to nursing homes in cases like care can no longer be given safely at home. Nursing homes are heavily regulated and are approved by state governments.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Progessive Conservative candidate Tyler Currie, Trinity-Spadina

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Tyler Currie is running as an Progressive Conservative candidate in the Ontario provincial election, in the riding of Trinity-Spadina. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.


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